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Inner Peace Movement Weekly Discovery Groups

A comment often heard from those who have been involved in IPM group work is, "I use what I learned in IPM group work every day of my life."  

The Inner Peace Movement provides spiritual growth through creating autonomous groups of people who meet in their communities.  Group participants unfold their leadership skills, increase self-confidence and tune into a bigger picture of their lives as they meet and share in mutual respect in a non-judgmental environment. 

Utilizing a simply organized group structure format and group study manuals, participants can dedicate two hours of their week to their personal growth.  Implementing IPM's many tools and techniques, individuals streamline their Sharing your wisdom with others helps you grow.unique talents and then pass on to others what they have found and mastered within. 

By tuning into one's clear, consistent set of inner values and a "live and let live" attitude, improved relationships unfold in every facet of life.  

IPM's weekly group work consists of meditation, study and useful energy techniques. As you grow confident in this balanced approach to self-discovery, you can mold your destiny and continue to be . . . the architect of your life!

Key Benefits

  • Clear personal direction

  • Utilizing more of your innate potential in a positive way

  • Feel better about yourself, your loved ones and the world around you

  • Unfold a closer relationship with your guardian angels or higher consciousness

  • Simplify your life and regain your spiritual direction

The Inner  Peace Movement was founded in 1964 to help people unfold their unique inner direction.
For more information contact us at ipmtx@Copper.Net.

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