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Easy Steps to Inner Peace - A Community Program for Self Discovery

Life is a journey of choices.  Often individuals may get so caught up in day-to-day living, they  forget that they came in with their unique spiritual plan and the tools necessary to accomplish that plan. 

The Inner Peace Movement's step-by-step program helps individuals strengthen their personal leadership skills and self-confidence as they develop clear personal direction.  A sense of inner security unfolds making it easier to make positive choices in life which have a beneficial impact on family and community relationships. 

Participants are encouraged to continue at their own pace as they build on their inner loyalty and remain active as long as they feel they are getting something out of their involvement.  Participation is on a "pay-as-you-go" approach. 

The Orientation ProgramA feeling of inner peace can be a natural part of your daily life.

This one-hour program gives a big picture of "You and the Universe."  By understanding more of your realities as a soul living in two worlds at once (the spiritual world and the physical world), your life and experiences can become more meaningful and fulfilling.

Personal Dynamics:  You Are Energy! Technique Workshop

Apply what you heard in the Orientation Program with techniques to help you unfold your sensitivity as you learn to relax and trust your inner feelings.  The best part is that you can use these techniques in your daily life!

Weekly Discovery Groups

Experience an even deeper sense of yourself and your energy by being involved in the powerful, ongoing weekly community group work.

In each two-hour session, enhance communication with your angels, strengthen trust in yourself and in your "sensitivity," and experience a boost of clear, relaxed energy.

Additional Programs and Services

  • Workshops presented in your community.
  • Monthly Accelerated Personal Growth Program personal regrouping lessons崨ods for attuning your daily spiritual communication.
  • In-depth consultations on different leadership and life skills.
  • National Camps and weekend retreats for more comprehensive personal leadership training.
  • EXPRESSION! Magazine, inspiring articles and sharings about practical spiritual growth.

The Inner  Peace Movement was founded in 1964 to help people unfold their unique inner direction.
For more information contact us at ipmtx@Copper.Net.

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