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Inspirational Message for the Month


Each of us is one with all things.  Our spiritual nature can sense this oneness.  In the material world there is also a natural cycle.   We breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide.  Plants take in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen.  If you and I are in the same room, we are sharing the same air.  Life never stops.  In the spiritual world there are also natural cycles.  Because of this unity, there is a metaphysical echo we are a part of in the universe.  It is a result of what we think and do.  We move with greater purpose and direction when we pay attention.

A typical example can be encountered driving to and from work, school or any regular destination.  From where you live you might normally see between zero and three police cars during your round trip.  You may see them as a sign of safety, reassurance or as reminders to play the game of society.  One day you see six of these vehicles.  What is the universe trying to tell you?  As your mind turns to this experience during the evening, you realize you forgot to pay your auto insurance.  You take out the invoice and a charge card and call in a payment.  The next day you see the typical number of police cars. 

The echo of the universe does not only have to be an alarm.  It can also be feedback that you are on the right track.  As a shopper you may find exactly what you are seeking on sale, you may meet a new friend while at an event or travelling, you may have the opportunity to share an important life experience with another as they decide what is best for them.  You may feel affinity for involvement and be able to offer your leadership for the good of everyone feeling the same desire to bring about improvement.  You may feel a need for increased positivity and take steps to back efforts far from your home.  In turn, as we do our part first, the universe responds with additional backing that has been made possible.

It is also beneficial to pay attention to our many psychic impressions throughout the day.   Some of these are:

         The still small voice within.  That is the little voice in your mind or heart that says.  �This is not a good idea.�

         Dreams.  The ones where you actually see the future before it happens are especially exciting.

         Seeing a vision in the mirror or your mind�s eye.

         Automatic writing.  If you misspell a word, notice it.  Is it really an error?  What are your feelings trying to tell you?

         A comment coming from you or another that is incredibly relevant, truthful or candid.  Often it has bypassed many �filters� of politeness and with the speaker sometimes is saying �Where did that come from?�

There are many types of ESP.  We can all unfold our metaphysical radar.

The book of Proverbs talks a lot about focusing our attention.   One of these insights is16:10, �Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.�  In IPM we suggest that a person can ask himself, �Do I need to move to the right or left or up or down, pause or move quickly?�

Our attention is drawn to what we have a feeling for.  This is based on positive and sometimes similar expensive experiences we have had.  We�ve grown because of them.  With intentionality the universe will bring within reach the opportunities and experiences to achieve our goals, fulfill our purpose in life and share of ourselves with others. 

Attention to our impressions can be for the now, the future or for our expansion to be of service.  Involvement with the timing of a bigger picture often helps our inner confidence as our success exceeds what we would otherwise dream or feel comfortable to accept.  The limits we have grown accustomed to are released as we live an even stronger reality.

The Inner  Peace Movement was founded in 1964 to help people unfold their unique inner direction.
For more information contact us at ipmtx@Copper.Net.

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